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Useful utility functions for NEAT

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Useful util functions for implementing the NEAT algorithm

I am going to write some basic utility functions that will help when writing my NEAT algorithm implementation.

Random number generation

package util

import (

// RandFloatProvider returns a random float between min and max.
type RandFloatProvider func(min, max float64) float64

// FloatBetween returns a random float between min and max.
func FloatBetween(min, max float64) float64 {
	return min + rand.Float64()*(max-min)

// RandIntProvider returns a random int between min and max.
type RandIntProvider func(min, max int) int

// IntBetween returns a random int between min and max.
func IntBetween(min, max int) int {
	if max < min {
		panic("min must be smaller than max")
	if min == max {
		return min
	return min + rand.Intn((max+1)-min)

Slice manipulation

package util

// RemoveSliceIndex removes the given index from a slice.
func RemoveSliceIndex[T any](s []T, i int) []T {
	s[i] = s[len(s)-1]
	return s[:len(s)-1]

// InSlice returns true if the given value is in the slice.
func InSlice[T comparable](s []T, search T) bool {
	for _, v := range s {
		if v == search {
			return true
	return false

// RandSliceElement returns a random element from the given slice.
func RandSliceElement[T comparable](s []T) T {
	if len(s) == 1 {
		return s[0]
	choice := IntBetween(0, len(s)-1)
	return s[choice]

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